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Another Weekly Digest with things that caught my interest this week. With new music, mini-reviews of the two new films I saw, and some security, science, and culture stuff. Let me know on Twitter if you have any comments.

A slight change to the format in this week’s digest. I’m going embed more Tweets and other content (like from IMDb) going forward. Making it an actual review of stuff I’ve posted to Twitter and elsewhere each week.

A short digest post this week. Only four items that I enjoyed, plus 14 new music releases. Contact me on Twitter to discuss.

Wolfram Alpha web page with new maths input options ©Wolfram

Five article pointers this week. I had to drop a few that were going to be included but are behind paywalls. There are also 19 new music releases. Another good week for new stuff. Like most weeks! Find me on Twitter to discuss anything. Except for temperature measurement scales ☺️

A Deepmind image from their protein folding AI. ©Deepmind

Here is my latest weekly digest. Five articles and 13 new music releases are linked. Hopefully there is something you will find interesting.

Part of The Suicide Squad film poster

After a music only post last week, my Weekly Digest post and email is back with both new music and pointers to other interesting stuff. This week’s post has nine items and 15 new music pointers.

The Three Body Problem book cover from

A sparse post this week. Mainly due to me being busy and it being too hot to read and think about technical stuff! Only three pointers to interesting items. A dozen new music items, though. I’m never too busy or too hot to ignore new music. As always, find me on Twitter if you want to comment on anything.

Weekly Digest time! Two articles on spaceflight this week, three on how the UK is experimenting with its coronavirus response, and two chemistry articles about nomenclature and new ideas on what determines C-C and C-H bond length. Also, a great week for new music.

This week there are four article pointers and more new music goodness.

Artist’s impression of a Lisa spacecraft. (Source: AEI/Milde Marketing/Exozet)

Here’s the 27th June edition of my weekly post. Half the year is gone already! I’ve lost track of time. Days, weeks, and months have all melded into one thing in my head. Anyway, I’m planning on starting to go back to the cinema and do other things out in the world from the 1st of July. So future weekly posts should start to get mini film reviews and stuff again from next weeks.

This week’s post has six article pointers and seven new music releases. As usual, you can get me on Twitter to discuss anything in this post.

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